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An Australian company with a serious global reach

We're Australia's largest gaming solutions provider and we're dedicated to continually expanding our technology and operations to span across the globe. Our future is looking bright and secure, and it's a direct result of the committed teams who maintain world-class standards and continually push the boundaries of innovation.

We're always on the look out for people who are as passionate about innovation and cutting-edge technologies as we are. We encourage you to read through our site to discover how you can explore your potential and grow with us.

Why Join Us
We're a leading gaming solutions company that provides products, systems and services to hundreds of entertainment venues worldwide. With more than 50 years' experience and over 2,000 staff operating in many countries, we've maintained strength and longevity as a global industry leader.

By joining us, you're embarking on a career that's dedicated to innovation and cutting-edge technologies. Our collaborative environment offers the continuous development, support and acknowledgement you need to expand your expertise and reach your full potential.

Our People
Our people are truly unique. They're intelligent and innovative, and have worked hard to build a culture based on imagination, focus and creativity.

Team work is at the core of everything we do. By working together and supporting each other, we've inspired and ensured the release of hundreds of products into the global market each year. And we're proud because we have designed, developed and produced the products ourselves.

Visions & values
Our vision is simple – we strive to become the leading provider of gaming solutions in the world.

Over the past 50 years, we have significantly evolved and expanded to become a global corporation. However one thing remains unchanged; our strong belief in the core values that our company was founded on. We emphasise the importance of excellence and cooperation, and respect and value the integrity of our people, customers and the communities we operate in.

What makes us unique
We're the only gaming company in the world that holds over 200 gaming licences and boasts a strong brand equity in over 90 countries.

We're always focussed on the bigger picture and our strongly supported Design and Development focus means our people enjoy the freedom and scope to research, design, produce,sell and service great products from start to finish.

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Every employee receives the rewards and acknowledgement they deserve for helping our business grow from strength to strength.

Our online development tool, “evolve”, will give you a range of resources that will help you plan and manage your career from day one. You'll also benefit from well-structured talent management, training and mentoring programs, as well as assistance to pursue further education or formal training.

We won't limit your career development and progression to your current area of expertise. We like to promote from within, giving you ongoing opportunities to stretch your expertise in senior roles or explore new career options in our other business divisions.

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